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Static oc by Mining-Turtlez Static oc :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 6 0 just an art trade i did on instagram by Mining-Turtlez just an art trade i did on instagram :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 5 3 Good friends of mine by Mining-Turtlez Good friends of mine :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 5 0 Space cat by Mining-Turtlez Space cat :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 8 0 Art trade  by Mining-Turtlez Art trade :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 4 0 Relatable  by Mining-Turtlez Relatable :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 3 0 MM by Mining-Turtlez MM :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 7 0 Twinkiie - Mascot // Read bio down below by Mining-Turtlez Twinkiie - Mascot // Read bio down below :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 8 6 Wip 3 by Mining-Turtlez Wip 3 :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 3 0 Screenshot challenge  by Mining-Turtlez Screenshot challenge :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 1 0 Wip 3 by Mining-Turtlez Wip 3 :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 2 0 Kit Kat by Mining-Turtlez Kit Kat :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 4 0 African wild dog wip 2 by Mining-Turtlez African wild dog wip 2 :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 4 0 African wild dog wip 1 by Mining-Turtlez African wild dog wip 1 :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 1 0 It just great when your tv falls down  by Mining-Turtlez It just great when your tv falls down :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 3 2 Twinkiee by Mining-Turtlez Twinkiee :iconmining-turtlez:Mining-Turtlez 13 4



just an art trade i did on instagram
pretty proud of this but like JESUS I need to work on my background
Good friends of mine
this is for bakedPotonion, camooh, and I tried to add night strike but there was no room which sucked but next drawing ill include him. I love these guys so much oh my lord there the best and been there for me

go watch Ceboe her youtube channel is Camooh
go follow BakedPotonion she is awesome as well, though she doesn't have deviant art
and follow NightStrike
Space cat
Wanted to do more detail in my work and in pretty proud of it
Art trade
This is an art trade I did with my friend on instagram
    OH LOOK GUYS IM ACTUALLY TRYING NOW JESUS XD sorry for not posting I'm to lazy I'm sorry
Twinkiie - Mascot // Read bio down below
Twinkiie Bio/ Information

Name: Twinkiie
gender: Female
height: 5,0 / petite
Age: 16
Species: Pomeranian, Shiba Inu mix
personality: Twinkiie is bubbly, happy, and will get angry easily. She will talk back just for the fun of getting on your nerves. She is pretty sarcastic and loves attention when she gets it. She is very aware of her surroundings due to her being pretty paranoid about everything, including in the dark. She hates negative people or just people who are plain on rude to her friends or to her.

sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Sweet tea, pastel colors, fashion, shopping, chokers, collars, cuddling, being rubbed, fruits, friends, family, boyfriend, and sweatshirts.
Dislikes: loud people, bugs, tight shirts, stuck up people, and rock/metal


-small paws
-her eyes are a light magenta
-paws are lighter then her fur color
-round fur patterns under her eyes
-You can draw or ship her with any of your characters I will be completely fine with it as long as you credit me and tell me when you make her.

this background explains why she always have the collar on so yeah its quite interesting so yeah here we go!

Twinkiie is a pretty normal person, goes to school, has friends, socialize and just like to have fun. She has a great boyfriend and her life is pretty good. One day she decides to go out for a walk through the park and she decides to see the scenery of the woods as it was quite magnificent. she notices someone in there dragging something behind them and looked like there were having trouble. Twinkiie just thinks the person is camping out and is dragging a heavy cooler behind them, so she goes to help the person and calls out to get there attention. "Need any help?" she calls out to the person and all they do is drop the object and stares at her. Twinkiie was a bit freaked by the person just staring at her and asked if they where ok. All of a sudden the person runs toward her which she soon finds out he was a man, Twinkiie tries to run but fails and the man grabs her and pushes her down to the ground. Twinkiie is now at the point freaking out as he pins her down and knocks her out with a rock that was near her. She soon wakes up to find herself being dragged by the man. "Where are you taking me" she says in a shaky and drowsy tone, she was soon disappointed as the man doesn't respond. She tries to kick loose but fails to kick loose as the man just tightens his grip causing her to flinch to the pain. She soon sees that she's near a cliff and can here a water fall. She freaks out a bit more and tries to kick loose, luckily it caught the man in surprise and lets go due to her kicking his back. She stands up quickly but the man grabs her again and starts to push her near the ledge of where the water fall. She freaks out and tries her best to push back but he was much stronger then she was. She was soon at the very ledge and the man smiles an devilish grin as he does the last push, pushing her off the ledge down the water fall. She hits the water with great force which knocks her out and causes some of her bones to break. After a while she is washed up on the mud, she never woke up due to her lungs filled with water. While she was there for about five minutes a woman finds her and does CPR to get the water out of her lungs. Twinkiie soons spits out the water and seems to be conscious just a little. Then woman brings her to her little cabin that was filled with potions and brews. The first thing that was on Twinkiie's mind was to get get revenge and hurt the person who had done this to her, she just couldn't believe that someone would do something like that but not only to her but to anyone. The woman realized and felt the negative energy that was coming from Twinkiie and decided to make her something that would keep her happy and not feel the need to get revenge. That's when she made the collar that had a spell that would make Twinkiie feel happy and forget about her being pushed down the water fall and continue having a good life. The woman who turned out to be a witch did made a potion that would heal Twinkiie's bones then put the collar on her. Twinkiie woke up slowly with a painful head ache and looked at the Witch, before she could speak the Witch told her to never to take the collar off EVER! Twinkiie nodded as she didn't want to anger the Woman. "What happened, why am I here?" Twinkiie asks and the Witch replied with "You fell on a rock, it ended up knocking you out which is why you have an head ache. The collar is just for good luck, if you ever where to take it off it would bring bad karma to you, but you must be on your way now. Your parents are probably worried sick." Twinkiie nods her head and walks out of the Cabin, she then quickly makes it back outside the woods and finds hers parent looking for her. "Twnkiie thank heavens we found you, we thought you get kidnapped!" Says Katherine her mother. They squeeze her into a hug with kisses that can last you a life time. "I fell down and knocked myself out, This woman found me and healed me up" says Twinkiie "Well the important thing is that your safe" says John her father. They all walk home and relax just happy there home safe and sound.

Sorry if this sound edgy or cliché I tried ok. had to redo it because I forgot the patches under her eye.


No journal entries yet.


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